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While I was working, I had been thinking about how old I actually could have been when I started reading, and I recognized it was only a few months before turning the age of 6! I was so ready and eager to learn that I understood the letters very quickly and soon understood how to read.

Which also reminded me of the two dear ladies teaching at my school those years who always were so caring and smiling, that I still can recall the lovely feeling it was being in their classes. One for teaching us the letters and reading, the other for teaching us the figures and how to add and subtract. It was a happy time in my childhood I loved very much.

Back to my desk I was working on producing my online course material, and putting things I know of and find interesting together in a balanced way, for creating teachings, inspirational insights, and diving into mentoring tools as well. And I was being quite excited by it all as some of it was new insights for me top. We learn as we go – so to speak!

So, I needed a break and nice cup of tea, and going outdoors in the late afternoon last sun in mild temperatures that just arrived with the feeling of spring made me leave my desk. By an instant impulse on my way outdoors, I picked up my box of Archetypes Deck cards that I hadn’t looked at in a long time.

Sitting with my tea, and the box of cards and the instructions, just to recap on how to use them from the authors’ recommendations. I removed some dust and then shuffled the cards – and looked at the first one popping out. The Teacher it was, woot woot. I looked at the last card in the bottom of the set, and it was the Free Spirit!

I had to giggle at how my vibrations reached so much further than just in my mind, and by picking the Archetype deck cards I allowed the universe showing support and comforting me on my journey… I feel so blessed and grateful for investing in learning how to share my knowledge. Thank you me, universe, all!

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Byt the way! The course I worked on was “Be a Happy Empty-Nest parent” – Subjects on the missing chapter in The Book of parenting.

So much more to come…

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Much love

🧡 Katrine
Your Mermaid sister, host, trainer, and mentor.

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