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It was during a very nicely guided meditation some time ago, I had an amazing experience I would love to share with you as I met this little girl at the age of about six years old.

She had blond hair in ponytails, big blue eyes and she was very happy and smiling, wearing her favourite dress her grandmother had made for her and matching red sandals.
I met her walking as she was picking flowers from below a hedge beside the road in a quiet area of villas, with gardens behind the fences and many other hedges. She was attracted to the tiny wild violets in the sandy soil, where they thrived by not growing in direct sun, but in some shade from the branches above.
They had the soft colours of violet in more nuances, and their yellow small area in the middle of the flower petals looked like smiling tiny faces. She carefully picked two flowers including their roots, as she knew they would not survive without.

She only picked a few as she wasn’t greedy to pick them all, but only pick to give her mom to put in the flower pot of soil in their own garden. She did this every time she met a violet on her way and carefully only picked a few from each place she found them. Home in their own garden, the flowerpot of violets grew larger and was beautiful in their season. Her mother carefully took care of the flower pot, so the violets kept thriving season after season, and later year after year.
She kept giving her mother beautiful plants with roots many years after, the only change was the little girl had become an adult, and the plants, her gifts were more solid plants that could grow to big bushes. During the years to come, her mother took with her the tiny violets and carefully planted them so they could thrive wherever she moved.
The little girl I met today was me, as a tiny girl with ponytails and happy feet on my way back home from school… It was so nice to meet her again, the proud little girl full of self-confidence and very happy.
Thank you, Terese K. and everyone else in that group meditation that specific day. It was truly an amazing experience… I even “met more people on my way” – but that will be a story for another day!

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Much love

🧡 Katrine
Your Mermaid sister, host, trainer, and mentor.

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